Brendan’s Bio


My Story:

To the Listener, the Reader, the Fan, and the other Earthlings (and all others) who are here:

Like you, I feel like I’ve always been figuring it out. Caught in between expectation and hope.

When I was a young blonde bloke, I would sit on the edge of my bed with an electric guitar unplugged from any amps, creating narratives of what my life would become. I wanted to be a firefighter, an astronaut, a baseball player. I was always conjuring up some great fantastical dream, but I was afraid to speak it, to play it loud enough for anyone to hear. I went to college, changed my major 8 times, explored 13 countries, read 48,000 self-help books, interned at a hospital, wrote a thesis, and earned a degree. Yet somehow I ended up back where I started when I was 6 — dreaming.

Dreaming of being a traveling musician who would reach the world.

I am a songwriter, performer, and renaissance man from Athens, Georgia. I’m 90% happy. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I am afraid of many things, but unafraid of failure or the effects of a Dr Pepper addiction. I drive like a soccer mom and dance like a super dad. I wake up at 6:59 to beat the 7am risers, but I’m always the last one off the mountain. And while I seek adventure, intimacy, and time with people, I often run away.

I run to music. This amazing noise that has the ability to carry us to another place and time. To the back of a hot mini-van on the way to Cheeburger Cheeburger with Dad. To the Great Barrier Reef. To swing dancing by a chlorinated fountain. To jumping with my friends, sweat pouring from our mob. Songs take me there.

But I am a man with a fragile heart, shattered easily by transition and rejection. And songs take me deep into that reality. Into the ugliness of life. Somehow, my songs always seem to take me ahead of where I could be without them, expressing how I feel even when I don’t yet know, transcending words and feelings; transplanting — either into the depth of the emotion or far, far away from it.

My calling in life is to reawaken the ability to dream in people I encounter. I want to be the soundtrack that pushes the movie of your dreams. So I’m creating music that can do that and I want to share this journey with you. I want to play for you and your friends at your house — wherever you are. Let music change your life. Live your dream.

And seriously, I would love to come along for the ride. So come along with me, and we will do this together.

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